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Published: 13th April 2010
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Anthropologie clothing was established in 1992 and is run by its parent company, the Urban Outfitters. It offers casual clothing to working females between the age of 30 and 40 and who earns about $200,000 yearly. Unlike Urban Outfitters which designs trendy and hip clothes, Anthropologie attracts buyers with its high end, stylish, and unique casual clothes.

The company also uses a one-of-a-kind technique in acquiring loyal customers. Rather than advertising their products, they are trying to sell a lifestyle to their customers. This is a new concept in marketing strategy, and made Anthropologie a pioneer among companies in terms of choosing not to use advertising for their products. Despite this unique marketing technique, they still gained many followers and shoppers even stay for a longer time in their outlets than other clothing shops. The money that they save from not doing any advertisements are spent in improving their stores’ appearance and investing in good furnishings for their shops all over the United States.

The company offers its customers a vast selection of products and merchandise, though mainly concentrated on women’s clothes and accessories. They also provide their customers a collection of their uniquely designed home decors and furniture. Anthropologie offers many different kinds of designs that you can imagine. For instance, they have picture frames adorned with beads that are Indian-inspired, an Italian vintage sconce with hand-painted floral designs, ceramics from Japan, British-style bed made from rattan and teak.

You can find Anthropologie shops in any open-air centers or along the streets across the United States. The brand is continuously gaining popularity among its target consumers and comprises 50% of Urban Outfitters’ total revenue.

What to Do with Used Appliance Parts

Environmental concerns nowadays are growing, so it is only right that we have to reuse and use appliance parts that are still functioning properly. In this way, you could even help in lessening the waste around our planet. Learning the proper way of disposing and buying of used appliance parts can save and earn you money as well, also you will greatly contribute something for environmental preservation.
Second-hand or used appliance parts are generally offered over the Internet and in local electrical shops, and typically they are being sold at half the price of the brand new ones. Moreover, it is still better to get brand new appliance parts in some circumstances, just ask your technician about this.
Likewise, it would be good if you are knowledgeable in fixing appliances, you’ll be able to buy and fix the used parts by yourself. But, be wary of some low-quality second hand appliance parts, because you may have to repair them again just after a short period. Make sure to purchase parts only from trusted sources.
Another way to deal with used appliance parts rather than throwing them away is to sell them; you will make money this way. Do this by taking your appliance’s components that are still in good condition then bring them directly to local shops who have a trade in second hand appliance parts or to individual buyers.
In selling them to shops, just bring them in for appraisal and then wait for the shop to purchase it at a minimal amount only since they will resell the parts for profit too.


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